Prayer Concerns

Joan, Audrey, Colby, Conner, Sue, Betty, Quinn, Isabella, Kat, Jenny, Kurt, Jocelyn, Andrea, David+, Aaron, TJ, Richmond, Paul, Dottie, Bonnie, Ruthie, Patrick J., Patrick F., Jill, Derek, Brandy, Jessica, John, Sharon, Kris, Anita, and Presiding Bishop Michael Curry.

Dates to Remember

Other Announcements

Father Brian’s schedule for September includes the following days off: Thursday, September 13th through Wednesday, September 19th.

On Sunday, September 23rd, we will hold a discussion during coffee hour about gardens and grounds around the church and rectory. What do you envision as the church’s presentation of the grounds to the community? What will be most welcoming and draw people inside? Mark Prouty has prepared a detailed sheet with items to consider, priorities, costs in both money and labor, and suggested dates for some items. We would like to hear from everyone; even if you are not going to have time or ability to dig in the dirt with us.

From Jane Stenson, chair of the Creation Care Committee:
Give Yourself a Pat on the Back!
Everyone at Trinity gets a big smile and a thank you for the amazing effort and accomplishments of last weekend’s environmental weekend: school groups films, a storytelling concert from Joe Bruchac, and the adult environmental films event. Plus, during the service on Sunday, Joseph offered his flute for the Gradual and a Thankful prayer that highlighted the environment. Definitely ambitious, our weekend demonstrated how to pay attention to the environment and how to advocate for the environment. We took our message into the community!